Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Latest Pic 3 of US

This is the first posting for July, no updates since the internet has a problem. Erm.. Actually I have no idea what should I pen here but I’ll try my best to write since there are no updates for July yet. Just wanna list what was happen recently;

1. Alhamdulillah, our goods arrived safely last Thursday, 3rd July 2008 and collected by ‘Ayah’ at MAS Cargo Penang. There are a lot of procedures need to comply with before he could claim our boxes. Been waiting nearly 6 hours there prior to pick up the freight. Malaysian Customs did constrict the inspection process and we have been told by ‘Ayah’, normally they imposed 100% of tax on the value of things. Fortunately, ‘Ayah’ discussed with MAS Cargo personnel, so that it just cost us about RM200 (the payment of ‘duit kopi’), instead of RM5000. Luckily, ‘Ayah’ knows how to deal with. Thanks to Ayah.


Mummy.. tired laaa

Mummy.. dodoilaaa.. Farrel nak sleep

2. Farrel’s weight now is almost 7kg. “Farrel Membesar Bagaikan JUARA”. huhu.. Now, he loves to roll his body on his ‘tapis’. The most favourite place he likes to play is under the bed. Haha.. Banyak-banyak tempat dalam rumah, kat bawah katil paling Farrel suka. He also loves to smile and laugh when people amuse him. Recently we give him cereal once a day, combine with his milk. Received his first book last Tuesday from Amazon. In fact, we wanted to buy that book at Disneyland Paris during last vacation; bad for us, the store can’t accept bank card because their machine is broken so we decided to order it from Amazon where the price is cheaper.

3. Daddy @k@ my hubby just received an email from Surrey’s lecturer concerning his Ph. D’s application. The topic is related to formation flying using electrostatic forces (charges) and funded by European Space Agency. Sounds great and the responsibility is really huge. But it’s still in discussion phase. Hope everything will be fine till he get Ph. D. Aja aja fighting Daddy!!

"Borong" from

4. Me?? Hehe.. Nothing much about me. The most satisfied and happiest thing is, I just bought new watch and Swarovski’s bangle with 50% off respectively. The bad news is M.A.C product have no sales at all. Huhu However I still consider buying their products because the price is reasonable compared to Malaysia. And now, I love to bake cuppies (cup cakes) which is famous in Malaysia lately. There are varieties of interesting appearance for cup cakes. I am hoping in the future I can own a business related to bakery. Insya Allah.

Ok, till then.


nurul said...

alahai dah makin besar and comei farrel ni..gerammm

A Journey To Remember said...

Makin besar dan makin lasak.. huhu.. asyik golek masuk bawah katil jer. kdg2 tersepit celah katil. lwk tull..