Monday, July 28, 2008

Farrel, 5th months

Alhamdulillah, Farrel's celerbrating his 5th months birthday today. Happy 5th months birthday son!! When looking him, I couldn't believe my hubby and I could manage to taking care of him by our own without family members around. Thanks a lot to our friends here who always guide and help us whenever we need a hand. We acknowledge, without proper knowledge that we have and experience people's around, it could be difficult for us. For me, I didn't have any experience dealing with baby before except a little help to looked my little nephew Adam (huhu, miss him so much), but at that time I was a student, same with my hubby.

Now, Farrel is almost 7kg compared to 3.21kg when he was born. Good progress son. But please don't be too chubby, nanti asyik kena cubit je ngan aunties in Malaysia. Hehe. Plus, mummy and daddy pun tak larat nak dukung nanti. Even with almost 7kg now, I have to alternate holding him with my hubby every 10 minutes. Hehe.

A few fact about Farrel:
  • Now, he can sleep independently, just put him on his cot around 1030pm, after 5-10 minutes he will sleep by himself. Before this, I need to 'dodoi' him before he could sleep tightly. At first, Farrel mengamuk juga bila biar dia sorang2 dalam cot, but now he used to it. So proud of you son!!
  • He could hold his bottle by his own. Actually we did teach him since he was 2 months old or we put something to support the bottle, so I have chance to do other things. At the same time, I'm still breastfeeding him and I wish to continue until he reaches 2 years old. Thanks Allah, he accepts both. Some baby refuse breastfeeding when they used to formula milk.
  • Last but not least, he really love to smile and laugh when we or other people around look and tickle him. He's so sporting when he's in good mood and when he's not, everything could become worst. Huhu.
Ok, that's all. Happy 5th months Farrel.


auntie yuyul said...

wah dh pandai..farrel kiut sgt die.....

A Journey To Remember said...

Auntie Yuyul.. Farrel kiut kalau x buat perangai.. kalau dia mengamuk, sgttt menggerunkan.. huhu..

niza et sofia a Londres said...

besar dah dia.... comel lak tu, best nya summer.... awak bleh ckp french lah ye
re:nama pehuh kita Nor Haniza