Friday, July 25, 2008


It’s has been a week since the last update about ‘happy day’. Why? I don’t have a specific reason but enough to say that I’m not in good mood to write. Just wanna update what happened recently. Last Saturday we went to Andorra to continue our ‘shopping agenda’. Hehe. FYI, Andorra is a small country, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains boarded between Spain and France and duty-free status. Sounds interesting huh? We left IAS about 7.45 am and safely arrived there around 10.15am. The weather was beautiful that day and we smoothly drove to the destination. We’ve been informed by Uncle Jimmy, the weather was superb compared to the last trip he had joined, and about 5 hours taken to arrive. After we arrived there, we start our ‘explorace’ as we explore shop by shop. Almost all the shop got sale but the situation not happening like in Toulouse. However the price is still cheaper compared to Toulouse. Hehe. From my observation, the price difference is about 20-30Euro. It’s really worth it go there where I managed to have my handbag with 30euro cheaper than Toulouse and my hubby’s watch is 90Euro cheaper. Huhu.. Sound interesting rite?? The objective we were there is to buy Swiss knife ordered by our family and friends in Malaysia. Huhu.. risau jugak kalau tak lepas kat airport nanti, byk sgt pisau Swiss ni. Karang org ingat kiteorg terrorist lak bawak senjata. We think this will be our last trip to Andorra before we fly back to Malaysia and of course we gonna miss it. Besides the shopping matter, Andorra itself is a charming beautiful panorama with fresh air as it is a mountainous country. We are looking forward to Roca Village, the next destination for ‘Explorace’ and ‘shopping agenda’ Part II. Hehe..

Other than that, my hubby keeps himself busy; for the internship and work on the proposal for his Ph.D. For the internship; he already show the progress and at the same time writing his final report. For his Ph.D; he already receive the offer from Surrey by email and will get his offer letter by next week. Hope everything will be ok and smooth. Yet, we don’t know our situation at the moment. We should back to Malaysia first or directly to UK. However, we have to fly back to Malaysia to settle couple of things. Our beloved family in Malaysia really want to meet our new family member, Ahmad Farrel Daniel. Moreover, we really miss them so much and for sure we hope to celebrate Aidilfitri in Malaysia.


missselfridge said... tgk duk tgk azizulnya programming..insylah dia leh tlg kot.dia mcm tau je tu..hehhe..rasanya korang mesti disuruh balik dulu, ramai member kat uk yg under usm kena balik dulu ..smapai stranded balik itu wajib rasanya..

missselfridge said...

niza..rasanya si am dh email kot td..apa2hal nk tnya ke apa just email je kami ok..ti i add u both okes

niza said...

hmm ntah la nurul, kiteorg hrp x stranded je la. as pun x lps2 lg, then ada sorg rlka blk pun x lps nk pegi semula. hope kes azizul lps la.

azizul ckp thanx bebyk kat am. hehe dia tgh godek2 code yg am betulkan tuh. rsnya ok kut hehe.

missselfridge said... kata no prob..tak susahkan pun..welkomen..