Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy 'Sun'day

Pont Neuf

Last Sunday, we went to ‘Jardin de Pont Neuf’ near the town. In French, ‘jardin’ means ‘park’ and ‘Pont Neuf’ means ‘Ninth Bridge’. ‘Pont Neuf’ is significant to Toulouse which is one of the Toulouse landmarks other than Capitole. The history behind it is the construction for the bridge took almost a century. One of the funny reason it took so long to finished because there is a difference of 10 meters between the left and the rights banks. Hehe. Long time ago, flooding of the ‘Garonne’ (big river) destroyed all the previous bridge, but this one has been in place for four centuries because of its tunnels above the arches, allow water to flow away during the floods. If we see with bare eyes, it just a simple bridge but the truth is its have historical value. It shows how intelligent was the ancient architect. Owh yeah.. this entry is not purposely to reveal the history about the bridge, just wanna share some pictures of us when we were there. Actually, we always been there because of its peaceful and now the garden is officially be our ‘port’ for picnic. Hehe.. But last week, I didn’t prepare foods to bring because of last minute planning. Hehe, just one of the reasons to ‘pow’ my hubby for ice cream. Huhuhu.. Besides having an ice cream while witness peoples and kids around having their fun time, we can relax our mind.


missselfridge said...

niza..dun 4get to update ur fp as well..I love to have a look big photos in fp..esp lit farrel..so adorable..gosh!

A Journey To Remember said...

Auntie Yuyul.. internet sini mcm biskut.. tension sgt kalau nk upload gambo. nk upload dlm blog ni pun take time giler.. hehe..tp mmg dlm proses nk upload kat fp. org mesia pun bising sbb dh lama x letak gambo farrel yg baru.