Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Day

Buah Hati Mummy n Daddy

I’m so happy today even I can’t closed my eyes the whole night yesterday, just watched my 2 heroes sleep tightly. Yeah, I admit looking our loving person while they are sleeping can reduce the stress or pressure a.k.a. therapy for mind. Hehe. Besides that, I keep thinking how can I live without both of you babe. Both of you are so significant in my life. Afterwards, I keep dreaming to have a big house, own a business and wondering how will be my life for the next 5 years, 10 years and so on. Hoho.

Today we received three good news;

1st - Just got our allowance from KPT (suppose to received it by the end of this month) meaning that our shopping agenda will be more thrilling. Kikiki.

2nd – Received an email from my hubby’s ex-dean who wants to sell his house in Nibong Tebal and fortunately the house is still available. Actually one of big agenda for this year is to have our own house. In fact, we did ask ayah to look for us a house in Nibong Tebal area since last year and he did list out some. By considering a few factors such as location, facilities, neighbourhood and others, we are interested in house mentioned before. The house is Double Storey Semi-D and overall land size is 35 by 75 feet, built size is 22 by 65 feet. The owner already make a lot of renovations such as extension for wet kitchen, use high quality ceramic for floor tiles, fixed stairs and 2nd floor with floor board system, kitchen cabinet custom made with bar-counter, all ceiling are plaster-crafted and the gate already installed with automatic system. The owner moved to Selangor due to some reason and he said that he considered the house is ‘give-a-way’. We saw the pictures of the house and ask ‘ayah’ to ensure the house. What can I say about the price is reasonable with the house condition. Hopefully, if our ‘rezeki’ is there so we can own the house. Really hope for that.

3rd - Accepted the book that we order from and still waiting for another one. The book title is ‘The Choice’ written by Nicholas Spark. I do admire the writer because the way he delivered the story is very interesting. Another book we are waiting also written by him. Till now we already have some from his collection.

Ok, till then.


nurul said...

apa2pun gud luck sume tuk korang..kiut tul farrel....emmm hehehe

A Journey To Remember said...

tq nurul. mai la sini leh jumpe Farrel in person. heheh.. dia pun teringin nk jumpe auntie nurul. Dulu Aisyah selalu tersasul panggil niza 'auntie nuyul'.heheheh

missselfridge said...

niza..insylh..mcm ni si aqilah nya cara 'aunty yuyul'..hhehehe,,cutekan?