Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Bye Toulouse

The clock is ticking, time to say good bye to Toulouse, France. Tomorrow we will fly back to Malaysia. Hopefully we have a safe and sound journey. A lot of experience we gained here and a lot of happiness and sadness we passed through as well. First time we stepped foot here was 15 months ago where everything seems so new to us, being in foreign land which little people can understand your language. Looking at people at that time was likes hearing they said “Welcome to new life, new world!!” Lucky my hubby was under FASIA scholarship so that everything was arranged by the organization included the hospitality, opening bank account, Resident Card application and many more. At least we are not in chaos, while we were slowly try to adapt living in foreign country, new environment and new climate. But actually it was a meaningful experience, a blessing in disguise.

Today is our last day in Toulouse. Nothing interesting, just have a good rest to gain energy for tomorrow journey which certainly provide us challenges as we have to transit at Amsterdam and KLIA before we arrive in our last destination, Penang. With 4 big luggage need to check in and 4 hand’s luggage to carry, we hope we won’t face many difficulties.

Here, we would like to thank to all our friends here (Khairul’s family, Iqmal’s family, Khairil’s family, Azammi, Nazri, Hasrul, Izzati, Dayah, As, Kak Ya’s family, Kak Nisa’s family, Ila, Haris, Guna, Mus …..) without your help, we were not able to survive here. We pray to God for your healthy and good future, Insya Allah. Merci Beaucoup to IAS staff, Anne Marie, Amanda, Velerie, Didier, Marc, Michel and others for the guidance and help. And big thank you also to my French classmates, Lea, Angeline, Paula, Aline and my best language teacher I ever had, Dorothee who always support me and of course teach me French Language which always be my favourite language ever though I’m not good enough in French. Huhu..

Here we do learn a lot throughout. About life, about friend, about food, about language and arghhh… a lot!!!

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand”.

Salam Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin


myjourney said...

salam, selamat kembali ke malaysia, pukul berapa flight dari sana?, dan salam aildilfitri dari kami sekeluarga

Tulip said...

selamat pulang ke Msia. May Allah be with u & ur family.

ehh niza nk tanya ckit about FASIA scholarship to tgu niza blk msia lah..baru kita chit chat lg...

mrs hafiz said...

bon voyage niza..
semoga selamat pulang ke mesia.. nice knowing u..
best betul dpt duk kat france, im sure it was a great experience for u..
i learned french as 3rd lang. when i was in uni. but till now not able to practise them.. haha.. wish i'll hv a rezki to go there..
when hubby informed me dia ada transit dkt france aritu... i yg excited gila.. kalau i pergi ikut dia, mmg i la org paling hepi..
btw, slamat hari raya to u n family.. will continuosly read ur journal yeah... ;)

Tulip said...

niza dh sampai msia blum?
semoga selamat tiba ke tanah air ;)

iza said...

salam aidil fitri niza n family