Sunday, September 21, 2008

Azizul's Ramblings

It's hard to get something you want in life. You have to put so many efforts for it, work, struggle, and maybe you have to sacrifice something that you love. But towards the end you will get it. And it’s the sweetest memory that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Some of us maybe say, it’s easy to talk rather than do it. For me, it’s depends to ourselves. Maybe difficult at start but as time goes by it will begin smoothly as we wish. And it’s also depends how many efforts we put as warm up. Same thing happened to me during the internship period. Frankly to said, I faced so many difficulties at the beginning. Yea, I admit, at first, I didn’t really interested about the title given to me. And I never thought before that I will work on that topic. For me, the topic was nothing to do for my future undertakings. Then my supervisor also one of the factor why I didn’t really at good start, he’s always asked me to do it first. Everything!! From literature review, designing, the programming etc. Argh… it’s so hard. I’m really frustrated, after work with him for about 3 months, he didn’t ever try to give me motivation. Every time I went to see him, he just nagged me all time without any inputs, “it’s not right, you have to design it like this and this”. “Why you put it here?” Bla.. bla.. bla.. And the most terrible was, he didn’t want to check my programming. I did ask him to check several times beforehand, and he refused. When I asked him who is the expert in this programming and he claims that he is the one. It’s really awkward, you claim yourself as an expert but why you never understand my programming? Arghh… sigh… he asked me several times to explain him the programming. I did my job. And what’s your job as supervisor?? Nothing you know. I’m really angry with him. At last before I present my work, he told me that he wanted to use my programming to present it in Hong Kong. And that’s why he really wants to understand about the programming. Even he also asked my presentation. Really unfair for me, I did the job for free without any pay. And you want use my work to others. @*&%$£*!! During presentation he asked me to explain every single thing about the programming. I already know his motive. But it’s ok because there were several people in the room. So I explained him and the juries wisely the programming. He was really satisfied with my clarification. It’s good for me and I really wanted a good marks. Alhamdulillah the viva went well for me. I had several discussions with the juries about the topic and I could see their face really convinced. That’s good. Meaning that, I will graduate soon. I’m really grateful, after working so hard, this is the fruit for me. Alhamdulillah. But I have to bear in mind, I have 3 years more before I will really finish my study. Hoho, a long journey to go. I might succeed today because of several factors. My wife, my son, my family, and also my friends, they always push me to move forward. Without their pray, advise and encouragement maybe I’m not here today. And for the rest who had helped me. You’ll be always in my mind. Thanks so much.

Now, I’m just waiting for my graduation day which will be on 25th September before fly back to Malaysia for Aidilfitri’s celebration. We are really looking forward for the day to come. I wish I could make the time move faster. Unfortunately, I won’t. Just keep ourselves busy packing things etc.


missselfridge said...

it's ok last u did it..well..congrats k

Azizul said...

Tq Nurul.

Honeysuckle said...

i know how it feels. I baru je dpt 1 grade bagus, dh terangkat semacam. Lglah ada satu my prof tu bila tanya asik bg jawapan yg sama, know your software, know your data. Org sbb x tahu lah tanya, kot tahu x tanya. Geram betul! Anyway, Congrats!

Azizul said...

Tq Merl..

Bengong tull kan.. kalau tau sure laa x tanya.. but at least they give us an idea, dh kira ok.. nih nk jumpe pun susah. bila dh jumpe, takdpt ape2 input pun. but the good thing is, kita struggle hard n bila dh berjaya rasa nk senyum sampai ke telinga.

Nurul.. thanx kat Am sbb byk tlg.

Nihlah Insyirah said...

congrates azizul..wah sonoknya nak konvo dah..sini konvo lambat, bln 12..arap2 ana nya final results (kuar bln 11) ok laa sumernya..hehehe...suka hati jer declair diri dah merdeka ni..result projek tatau pun lagi..heheheh

A Journey To Remember said...

tq Ana.. sini alhamdulillah konvonya cepat, tp sempoi jer.. mcm pass2 sijil time tadika dulu. heheh..

Ana pun congrats yerr.. Insyallah sumer OK.