Monday, September 22, 2008

A Journey To Remember

Our story begin….

090307 –Tie The Knot Day.. Officially belongs to Mr Azizul Abd Karim. Our marriage is arranged by our grandmother. Alhamdulillah, he is truely my hero, my destiny, forever my soul mates, my best friend, my every thing. Even we were in the same neighbourhood once upon a time ( I was 6 years old and my hubby was 9 years old), we got separated after I began my secondary school in Ipoh and then my family moved to Taiping. Though the distance from his house and my new house is about 30km, we never meet again till the day we bought a ring for our engagement. What a simple story begin between us, led us to a real marriage world.

150507 –I resigned from my job which I really love and enjoyed it. Lot of experience I gained especially working around expertise who always offer a hand whenever I need it.

200507 –Interviewed in KL Sentral and Alhamdulillah I got an offer from USM to further study for Master and phD under their RLKA program.

200607 –Attend BTN program in Ulu Sepri, N9. What a boring course!!

290707Toulouse, here we come!! Lucky it was summer at the time so that we didn’t face the difficulties at the beginning as the weather is pretty much same in Malaysia.

010807 –The HCG Urine Pregnancy result was positive. I’m Pregnant!!! My Hubby and I extremely happy with it but at the same time we didn’t know what we should do for the next step. Giving birth in foreign country with nobody else but friends might provide many challenges. We were determined to go through all the difficulties together.

250907 –Got a key for Citroen Xantia.

051007 –First time Echography, 3 month pregnancy. Yeah.. It’s a boy!!!!

131007 –First time celebrate Aidilfitri as husband and wife and my second time celebrate Aidilfitri without my family.

031107 –It’s my 25th Birthday!!! Oh gosshhh… Can’t believe I’m 25 already..

101207 –Celebrate Aidiladha in Kak Ya’s house.

111207 –It’s my hubby’s birthday. Huhu.. Sayang, u are 28 years old!!!

161207 - Ski Trip, Plateau De Baille

(261207–040108)Italy Trip (Cannes-Monaco-Pisa-Firenze-Rome-Venice-Milan-Mont Blanc-Annecy-Nimes-Montpellier). Our second time honeymoon. Thank you to Khairul’s family and Sobri’s family who helped us a lot during the trip.

280208 –Welcome to the world, Ahmad Farrel Daniel!!

An apple of our eyes...

090308 –Our First Anniversary.

(290308-310308) –Paris Trip, Farrel’s passport application.

Eiffel.. we are in LOVE!!

(020508-070508) –Paris & Marrakech Trip.

110408Barcelona Trip

160508 –Andorre Trip (for the last time)

080908 –Welcome to Toulouse, Nana!!

270908 –Toulouse-Amsterdam-KL-Penang. ‘Balik Balik kampung.’

280908 –HOORAY!!!! We already in MALAYSIA.


Tulip said...

haduiiiii comeinya farrel....!! geram cam nk picit2...;)hehe..

eh niza skrg tgh buat master under usm ka? phd nya bila pulk? :)

niza said...

Tq BB..

Niza lum smbg master lagi sbb last year x sempat nk apply, lgpun kat Toulouse ni x ade kos yg nk ambik. Insya Allah nxt year br smbg masa hubby smbg phD

Anonymous said...

dah sampai ker malaysia...mesti seronok kan jumpa family....aduhh...comel nyer farrel...ini baru 1st time ker farrel sampai m'sia....

Mimi Amilia said...

eh..dah nak balik..:D

Aleeya said...

dah balik msia ekk...farrel..selamat kembali ke msia,.chubby nya dia..

niza said...

Fara: not yet in Malaysia, but time is approaching. Hehe. Yup, 1st time farrel blk mesia n jumpe family kat mesia.

Mimi: yup, insya Allah klu xder aral melintang smpi la ke UK thn dpn. Doa2 kan utk kami ye.

Aleeya: thanks

mrs hafiz said...

arranged marriage?
same for us.. ;)