Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Snippets about the Internet

Internet = Flip flop. That’s all what could I comment on our internet connection. Yea, perhaps we don’t need to pay so the internet administrator could do whatever they want to the internet connection. I admit I would have a limitation to the outside world without the internet. Hmm what else could I say about so-called internet.

First time we arrived here, I'm used to live without internet and television for about three months. And at that time, we went to one of my friends who live in city centre specifically St Michel once a week just to use the internet and also watching television. Huhu.

Without internet, I couldn't update my blog, read my friend's blog, read newspaper, watching drama series, and etc. So many things I couldn't do. Huhu. Don't know what to do except just playing around with my son, Farrel, watching television and my favourite activity, cooking. Hehe.

The clock is ticking and time flies so fast. The 'soldes' just finished. We already start packing our things and we are ready to be back to Malaysia. My hubby just send the email to USM ask for the return ticket. I really hope we can celebrate Aidilfitri in Malaysia with our beloved family.


missselfridge said...

niza..dpt email i tak??bila korang planning nk balik ni??

A Journey To Remember said...

nurul, thanx so much. susah la internet ni flip flop. insya Allah balik hjg bulan 9 ni.

mast@work said...

Salam niza.. i think i know your hubby la.. and you pun kawan kak aslina ye?? huhu.. kecik la dunia.. me myself kat usm gak ni.. kat civil school..

niza said...

salam mas, hoho, what a small world?? tny hubby dia pun igt2 lupa. hehe. apa pun slmt berkenalan dr niza.