Friday, August 22, 2008

Jendela Hati

Aku ingin hidup secerah mentari
Yang menyinar di kamar hatiku
Aku ingin seriang kicauan burung
Yang terdengar di jendela kehidupan
Aku ingin segala-galanya damai
penuh mesra membuah ceria
Aku ingin menghapus duka dan lara
Mengubat rindu di dalam dada
Sedamai pantai yang memutih
Sebersih titisan embunan pagi
Dan ukhuwah ini pasti berputik
Menghiasi taman yang harmoni

Mendengarkan lagu ini benar2 membuat diriku termenung jauh, tersentuh dengan setiap bait lagu tu. Yes.. I admit, everything begins from our heart. Sincerity is the answer for everything we do in life. ‘Aku ingin segala-galanya damai, penuh mesra membuah ceria’. Huhu.. that’s what my bottom heart tells me every single day. However, everything is predetermined by God and definitely He knows the very best for us. Every hardship given by HIM is ‘tarbiyah’ to test our patience. My hubby and I believe everything happened or gonna be happen is HIS ‘tarbiyah’ which gave us valuable lesson and this will fade soon. Every cloud has a silver lining and we are really grateful on what we’ve been going through. We still can smile and act like nothing happen. Hypocrite? Erm.. maybe that the best approach for everyone pleasure. Okay.. that’s all for the preface. Huhu.. a bit ‘emo’ intro.

Last weekend we got 2 invitations, birthday party for our friend’s daughter Aqilah (Happy 4th Birthday Qilah) and get-together lunch from Mdm Penin (Farrel’s foster auntie). We just swung by Aqilah’s birthday party for a while and then we led to Mdm Penin’s house. Almost 2 hours wasting our time in car to search for Mdm Penin’s house and at last we met up at Carrefour Purpan and she brought us to her house. At first Farrel was so clingy but when he gets familiar with Mdm Penin he becomes friendly and begins to explore the house barefacedly. Huhu.. buat mcm rumah sendiri pulak ye sayang..
akhirnya sampai jugaa..

Lambatnya train ni daddy..

Daddy.. kite nak gi mana ni pagi2 buta??

On Sunday, we went to ‘pasar hari’ in town. The market was happening with lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Almost every stall sold grapes and melons but no durian laa.. huhu.. Tak sabarnye nk blk Malaysia makan durian. Nyum..nyum.. My mom already keeps some in fridge for her beloved daughter. Huhu.. Tq mama.. Jawabnya raya ni melantak durian je la. Hihi.. Okayla.. banyak pulak membebel hr ni. Till then yaa !!

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