Friday, December 12, 2008

New Phase

Alhamdulillah, another year has passed by and I've turned another year older. Yesterday was my 29th birthday. How time flies?? Stepping into my 2oth, 9th years ago really gave me chills. At that time, I could portray my self as naive in every possible way, gullible and childish. I'm not denying I was just a young teenage guy at that time, still finding the directions in life. I'm not saying I've changed a lot now, I'm still the same old person. Many things have happened for the past 9th years and it taught a lot. So far, I'm pretty much comfortable with the way I'm navigating my ship and as the captain I wanted to reach my destination as safe as possible. Pondering the fact, I've just got to be ready to face the storms; challenges ahead.

The fact, at 29th years old, I still feel my bottle of wisdom is just less that a quarter full but growing teaches you to be a better than everything you've been before. Experience you've gained will be your guide to cross the mysterious path lies upon you, falling hard on the ground will be part of it; that's what we called learning journey.

Besides that, realizing I've so many good people surrounds me (my wife, my son and my beloved family and friends), I feel so lucky to be part in everyone's life. Even I might not play a huge role that would be significant but the thought of my presence is recognized, I feel appreciated enough. We gotta learn how to accept even the smallest tiny little sugar, it's still sweet ain't it?

At last, I'm so happy to enter another phase of my life yesterday. Thank you for the overwhelming wishes. Thanks coz still remember my birthday. Tapi takkan wish je kut, mana hadiahnya?? Haha, just kidding. Thank you... thank you... and thank you so much!!

- Azizul


Mummy Farrel said...

Happy Birthday sayang!!! Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah dan dilindungiNya. Za harap abang sentiasa muda & ceria walaupun dh nk masuk 30an. hihi.. Love you so much!! Takde hadiah lebih bermakna dr Za melainkan kasih sayang yang seikhlas2nya.. & psss...jgn lupaa.. the gud news that we received yesterday, that is your big present honey!!!

LOVE daddy so much!!!! (mummy, Farrel & ....)

Aleeya said...
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Aleeya said...

Happy besday to u...semoga dipanjangkan usia, sentiasa bahagia di kelilingi insan tersyg dan dikurnia rezki dan kesihatan yg baik..., okla tu..baru nak masok era 30 muda lagi lagik la dah 30++ he he