Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Guess who???

Lately I feel time flies too fast, realized or not I will leave France not more than 4 months starting from now. I can’t deny it I really miss Malaysia like hell now especially my lovely family, relatives, friends, foods etc. The end of this month I will post all my things to Malaysia. I send it early to avoid the increasing in cost due to the increasing of the fuel price globally lately. In Malaysia I heard the government already up the petrol price up to RM2.70 and RM2.58 for the diesel per litre. For me it’s too much. But what can I say. As Malaysian of course I’m not agree with the government by for how long they can last. And the Malaysian should understand what government doing is for the sake of the people. And for how long Malaysian should enjoy the subsidy? When the time comes, it will be no subsidy at all.

Owh yea, last Saturday was the engagement day of my younger brother. The only one brother that I have. He just 23 years old!! Too young yea!! Anyway, that’s what we called “jodoh”. Anyway congratulations to my brother Fairuz and his fiancée Farah. And my best friend, Hasliza. Congratulations too!! And their wedding day will be on November. Whatever hoping that their will be blissful and happiness. We can’t wait for that moment. Today also I received good news, one friend of mine has an interview for the promotion this 23rd of June. I’m happy for that. Wish you best of luck.

In life we have ups and downs, so that happen also in my family. Last Saturday also we received sad news that one of my close relative was passed away. Condolence to Long’s Family. Al Fatihah to Allahyarham tok wan Hussein.

Farrel?? Owh yea… Now he starts to rolls and push his body. I’m very glad for his improvement. Keep on struggling babe!!. He also starts calling people around by saying “aaaa…. aaaa…” Hehehe.. Daddy?? Now he busy doing his project for his internship. Luckily he just does it at home and of course I’m the happiest person. Hehe.

Ok, till then.

Gifts from my side. (13 "dulang")

Haaa... 38 "dulang"????.. amboiii.meriahnyaa

A part from my big family. Miss u guys so much!!!

"Anak dara" and "mak dara" wif the hantaran. hehe..


ilyana said...

abah kta,time neh ilin yg mcm pengantin...
hehehe...(gelak malu)

A Journey To Remember said...

Tuhla pasal.. mmg nampak ilin yg cam pengantin.. kenduri nanti biaq mummy farrel lak yg glemer lebih noo