Friday, May 9, 2008

Paris & Marrakech Visit

It's has been a long time since the last update about us etc. Can't remember what exactly the last posting about. Here for the starting we would like to present our picture from our last visit to Paris and Marrakech. Hope all of you will enjoy it. For more pics, please visit our fotopages.

It was really amazing visit that we ever had including the trip to Italy. But it's so tiring us until now. Ok till next time.


AsLiNa said...

waaa...bestnye korang jalan2... nanti balik sini kita gi bukit merah laketown resort nak tak?..hehe..

A Journey To Remember said...

hehe.. mmg nnt nk g jln2 ngan as pun.. nnt kita g sama ek.. kiteorg pun x pnh jejak lg tmpt tuh..