Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pour notre Bébé…. Preparation for our baby!!

For this time I just want to talk about our preparation for our baby. Of course every parent wants the best for their children. We try to give and do the best for our children. For new parent like us, of course we really excited of having a baby. Every day, every minute and also can say every second we always think about our becoming baby. How he/she looks like, how big is he/she, how cute is he/she and every time we look at other baby we always think “nanti anak aku pun cute macam ni jugak ke??”. But deep inside our heart, we always pray to have a healthy baby. No matter how he/she looks like, we will love him/her forever. Owh… he/she is moving right now.. may be he/she also agree with me. JJ

Talking about preparation since now I’m almost 7 month pregnancy, we already start to buy baby’s stuff and read about parenting, delivery process ( sometimes I feel afraid but try to make up my mind and be optimise, prepare mental n physical), process after delivery (byk pantang larang yg aku x tau.. still reading and asking peoples about this. Thanx for those who always be there when I need their advice/ help) and the most important byk2 berdoa semoga semuanya selamat. Now, every time we shop at Carrefour/E Leclerc/Auchan we never miss to go to baby’s site. Bukannya beli apa pun sgt tp suka tgk barang2 baby. So cute.. Actually, since I got nephew I really love to look at baby’s stuff. Even I ever think to have my own baby’s shop. Just dreaming but hope one day this dream will comes true.

So far, our baby already have his stroller (Blue MacLaren Quest.. promoted by Uncle Khairul) which is very reasonable price at Toys “R” Us compared to other place. This stroller is really necessary here. Baby also want to say thanx to Uncle Khairul n family who sponsored his bed, Uncle Aznor and Auntie Zah who sponsored his car seat and pyjama and Auntie As & Uncle Syahar who gave us a lot of Aisyah’s stuffs. Actually most of stuffs are given by our friends and it’s really ease our burden. Thanx a lot guys!! You know, baby’s stuff is not cheap even more expensive than adult’s things. Now we are looking for other necessary like baby’s towel, baby’s blanket ( nak beli towel n blanket baby pun pusing sumer smarket sbb nak cari yg murah tp branded… hehe), pampers, disposable tissue n others. Actually we don’t have any idea to buy baby’s stuffs as this is our first experience so we just buy what we think baby needs and we keep asking friends and our family what should we prepare for baby.

Bile citer bab baby ni rasa excited sgt. Syukur alhamdulillah so far takde masalah pasal pregnancy aku. Hopefully semuanya OK till delivery. Lately asyik pk jer mcmana proses bersalin n berpantang nanti. Risau gak sbb sorang2 kat sini, family jauh. Huhu... Mujur ade kawan2 yg dah berpengelaman so at least ade gak tempat nak bertanya. Cuma aku sekrg mmg dalam proses nak menyediakan mental n fizikal sbb dah masuk trimester ke 3 ni mesti lagi banyak dugaan. So ape2 problem yg x serius aku tanak la pk sgt. Nak buang jauh2 n just focus for baby n family.


AsLiNa said...

niza.. sekarang dah bape bulan, bestnye tgk barang2 baby tu..

A Journey To Remember said...

dh 7 bulan... xsabar nk tgk baby... doakan niza selamat ye as...